With Datadragon’s AI and built-in analytics, you can monitor and command throughput across the WAN at the application level, creating smart service plans designed to meet actual bandwidth needs without compromising user experiences.

With Pendragon™, our throughput management and Next Generation Cyber Security platform solution, you get full visibility into your network, down to individual users and devices, ensuring that only authorized users have access, while identifying and quarantining any unauthorized users or potential threats.


Our customized approach to delivering LTE backhaul services overcomes the inherent latency in satellite communications ensuring seamless user experiences. Our backhaul solutions are future-proof (including 5G ready) and comparable in cost and quality to terrestrial solutions for any need.


Our unique approach to Quality of Service (QoS) is powered by our award-winning throughput intelligence platform, Datadragon, that allows for user access based on bandwidth usage, data plans shaped to match customer needs, and total throughput control for seamless internet experiences.


The combination of our unwavering commitment to pushing the satellite industry forward, taking on the challenges that other companies can’t or won’t, and providing the industry’s best network uptime gives you the unrivaled certainly that our fixed and mobile VSAT solutions are guaranteed to work the first time, every time today and into the future.


Our VSAT Video is the first and only satellite entertainment solution utilizing IP Multicast, delivering a picture-perfect HD experience, no matter where you are.


Whether you’re an internet service provider (ISP) or managing your own internal distributed network, with our Virtual Network Operator (VNO) solutions, powered by ST Engineering iDirect technology, you’re able to take full control of your satellite network without the high CAPEX investment needed to set up a VSAT service.


From handheld satellite phones for personal adventures and commercial needs on land and at sea to asset management through machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions, we offer a full range of leading satellite mobile communications technologies and safety connectivity solutions designed to meet and exceed your needs.