50% More for 20% Less. Guaranteed.

Integrated, real-time intelligence for your network

Monitor, analyze, and manage your throughput with Datadragon

Data-hungry apps. More smart devices. Bandwidth-heavy uploads. New communications infrastructure. Our connected environment is becoming more complex by the day. At the same time, end users want greater freedom to connect—without extra hassle or costs.

Introducing Datadragon, Isotropic Networks’ throughput intelligence platform. Monitor, analyze, and manage bandwidth flow in real time across the WAN, at the application level. Datadragon learns usage patterns and optimizes networks for maximum throughput to ensure consistent, secure experiences for you and your customers.

When you take control of your throughput with Datadragon, you’ll see 50% more throughput for 20% less cost. Guaranteed. With Datadragon, you’ll never experience connectivity the same way again.