Smarter Bandwidth. Better Service.

Integrated, real-time intelligence for your network

Understand, shape and optimize your bandwidth with Datadragon™

The future of connectivity is all about bandwidth. Do you have enough? Is it allocated to the right applications at the right time? How easily can you adjust it on the fly? As new technologies and standards promising more come online, providers need an intelligent solution to help them understand, shape, and optimize the flow of data.

Take total control of your network with Datadragon, an intuitive bandwidth management platform that lets you see, shape and distribute your bandwidth in real time. Datadragon gives you application-level transparency, so you can finetune how your bandwidth is allocated across single, multi-use or hybrid networks. And with Datadragon’s artificial intelligence and built-in analytics, the system learns usage patterns and allows you to create customized plans for users, so they see less lag and better service.

The future of connectivity isn’t just about more—it’s about managing more, intelligently.

Smarter bandwidth. Better service. Datadragon.