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Data-hungry apps. More smart devices. Bandwidth-heavy uploads. New communications infrastructure. Our connected environment is becoming more complex by the day. At the same time, end users want greater freedom to connect—without extra hassle or costs. Introducing Datadragon, Isotropic’s throughput intelligence platform. Monitor, analyze and command bandwidth flow in real time across the WAN, at the application level. With enterprise-grade cybersecurity built in, Datadragon learns usage patterns and optimizes networks for maximum throughput to ensure consistent, secure experiences for you and your customers.

When you take control of your network with Isotropic and Datadragon , you’ll see 50% more throughput for 20% less cost. Guaranteed. With Datadragon, you’ll never experience connectivity the same way again.

End User Expectations: Sky High & Still Rising

From checking email to streaming Netflix, how do you give end users the frictionless experience they want? How do you ensure they no longer suffer through the frustrations of dropped connections and slow lag times? The only way to deliver the amount and quality of connectivity needed for an enjoyable user experience, is to understand the exact bandwidth requirements and actual usage patterns. You then need to shape and deliver access to data based on available bandwidth streams, whether from terrestrial or satellite-based platforms.

With Datadragon, this is made simple. Datadragon’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and built-in analytics learn usage patterns, and efficiently distribute bandwidth accordingly. Datadragon monitors, analyzes and commands how bandwidth flow is being used in real time across the WAN at the application level. Datadragon gives communications providers the intelligent solution needed to understand, shape and optimize the flow of data. By enabling unprecedented application-level transparency, optimization and personalization across single, multi-use, or hybrid networks, Datadragon allows providers to move beyond current data models and work with their customers to create smart plans based on actual usage. Datadragon enables you to consistently provide the top-quality service that end users expect.

But that’s not all. You can enjoy ultimate security, too. Enterprise-class Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) network access control is built in, ensuring that only those meant to use the network get in. Datadragon’s next-generation firewall blocks and keeps malicious traffic off the network.

Complete Visibility for a More Sophisticated Network

Today, people expect greater levels of connectivity, but providers are struggling to offer reliable, cost-effective access to bandwidth that gives end users the frictionless experience they want. As new technologies and standards promising "more" come online, providers need an intelligent solution to help them understand, shape and optimize the flow of data. Datadragon does exactly this using AI and built-in analytics. It learns usage patterns, then shapes and delivers throughput based on available bandwidth streams so that the amount and quality of connectivity needed for a top user experience is delivered. From surfing the web to streaming Netflix, users no longer need to suffer through the frustrations of dropped connections and slow lag times. And providers can now analyze and efficiently distribute bandwidth, creating opportunities for increased revenues from surplus availability.

How Datadragon Works

Datadragon operates on three core principles:

Provide users with a real-time picture of bandwidth utilization, down to the application level, across all single, multi-use and hybrid networks.

Give users control. Let them see, allocate, and purchase bandwidth based on their unique needs.

With Datadragon’s analytics and AI, you can provide internet access that simply “works” by automatically allocating bandwidth based on user history and demand.

Datadragon solves inherent issues found when scaling network visibility solutions with flow data based on Netflow and IPFIX. Datadragon’s learning classification engine reclassifies a flow at a minimum rate of once per second through a patented solution. This provides unprecedented network visibility in terms of scale, cost, flexibility, accuracy and real-time usability.

The Datadragon platform operates in a fully software-based virtual appliance that can be integrated via API/PCRF and deployed across different points in a network, so users can apply automatic assurances of capacity to every network flow, dynamically based on real-time usage.

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