Datadragon® is our intiuitive bandwidth management application enabling unprecedented levels of app-level transparency, optimization, and personalization across single, multi-use, or hybrid networks.

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Complete Visibility
For A More Sophisticated Network

Datadragon’s® AI learns usage patterns, shaping access to data based on available bandwidth from terrestrial and satellite platforms. It provides you with the amount and quality of connectivity you need for your applications.

From checking email to streaming video, you no longer need to suffer through the frustrations of dropped connections and slow lag times. Providers can now analyze and efficiently distribute bandwidth, creating opportunities for increased revenues from surplus availability.

How IT Works

Datadragon® operates on three core principles:

Increase Visibility
Providing users with a real-time picture of bandwidth utilization, down to the application level, across any single VSAT network.
Optimize Access
Giving users control, letting them see, allocate, and purchase bandwidth based on their unique needs.
Reduce Friction
Through analytics and AI to provide internet access that simply "works" by automatically allocating bandwidth based on user history and demand.

Datadragon® solves inherent issues found when scaling network visibility solutions with data-stream based on Netflow and IPFIX. Its learning classification engine reclassifies a stream of data at a minimum rate of once per second through our intelligent solution. This provides unprecedented network visibility in terms of scale, cost, flexibility, accuracy, and real-time usability.

Datadragon® operates in a fully software-based virtual appliance that can be integrated via API/PCRF and deployed across different points in a network, so you can apply automatic assurances of capacity to every network flow, dynamically based on real-time usage.

The Pendragon® platform operates as a network agnostic device that can be integrated and scaled from a local network controller to a full SD-WAN solution. Deploying Pendragon® gives you the ability to help detect imminent attacks and implement device identity, traffic visibility, context-aware security policies, and dynamic network segmentation to stop them as devices move and networks change.

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