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Captain / 43 Meter Yacht

I have been an Isotropic customer for more than five years. They were my first choice when upgrading the services on board. The pricing structure is very good. The ability to turn on, off, and upgrade the service as required is very user friendly and efficient. The customer service and Tech support is the best I have experienced. The company is US based, and the tech support is not outsourced, which has been a real problem in the past with other providers. I have no hesitation in recommending Isotropic as a provider.

Captain / 41 Meter Yacht

As a seasoned captain who has sailed the world’s oceans, I can attest to the exceptional reliability of Isotropic Networks. During our circumnavigation, their satellite communications solutions became our lifeline. Whether we were charting a course through the treacherous Southern Ocean of exploring remote atolls in the Pacific, Isotropic’s connectivity never wavered. Their cutting-edge technology and unwavering support kept us connected to loved ones, Weather updates, and critical navigation data. Isotropic Network’s isn’t just a provider, they’re an essential team member on any maritime journey.