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Reliable, Flexible Solutions For Cellular Backhaul

At Isotropic, we believe that you can never have enough bandwidth. We are dedicated to empowering your cellular business with robust solutions tailored to enhance backhaul, enable efficient multicast services, and facilitate high-speed streaming in even the most remote and underserved rural regions. Trust Isotropic to fuel your network expansion and bridge the digital divide.

Your networks need to go beyond. Demand for broadband is growing exponentially, especially with new subscribers in remote and rural locations. Our best-in-class cellular communication service and support solutions provide scalable connectivity across the most challenging terrains. And we do it without the pains of heavy CAPEX and OPEX investments. 

Our needs-based approach provides the flexibility to scale your services based on user demand. We offer a full spectrum of solutions, whether you need to…

→ Meet basic needs with day-rate corporate continuity plans for terrestrial outages

→ Have more complex needs like multicast content delivery for video traffic and 5G integration solutions.

We provide unmatched cellular communications solutions. We design future-proof solutions to retain and expand your customer base while improving your bottom line. These powerful solutions are enhanced by Datadragon® and Pendragon™. This gives you ultimate network visibility and enterprise-grade security. 

Fully Customized Cellular Communications Solutions Designed to Fit Your Needs.

Our Solutions

Here’s how our industry leading team keeps you connected, ALWAYS.


Leveraging our extensive knowledge of the communications industry, we identify challenges and develop practical solutions to optimize and elevate your OneWeb experience.

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our solutions starlink green

With deep insights into the communications sector, we understand the challenges and provide practical solutions to enhance your Starlink experience.

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our solutions datadragon green

Datadragon® is our intiuitive bandwidth management application enabling unprecedented levels of app-level transparency, optimization, and personalization across single, multi-use, or hybrid networks.

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