Unrivaled Certainty, Transparency & Flexibility

Isotropic Networks provides unrivaled certainty, transparency and flexibility for leaders in high-risk, high-pressure operations, by delivering tailored communications solutions backed by the industry’s best network uptime, and unprecedented insights into how to command throughput.

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Delivering the “impossible” since 1992


Isotropic takes on the challenges other companies can’t or won’t, enabling mission critical operations with ultra-reliable communications backed by quadruple redundancy and the best network uptime in the industry. Our relentless commitment to quality is why our solutions work the first time, every time, all the time, no matter what. This is our promise of unrivaled certainly. But we also know the importance of flexibility, which is why we’ve built it into all our products and services, without any hidden costs. Need to suspend your service and reactivate it later, or to scale your bandwidth due to unexpected demand No problem, go right ahead. There are no strings attached to our flexibility.


We provide tailored solutions for intensely challenging communications problems no one else is prepared to deliver


Our technical support line is always available and made easy. No complicated phone trees, no elaborate ticketing systems.


Need to suspend service? No problem. We have no hidden fees for suspension or reactivation – and no strings attached either!


With the best network uptime in the industry backed by quadruple redundancy, we provide high-quality coverage across the globe.


Upgrade your service for a week and downgrade when you’re done. We’re ready to meet any demand changes, and happy to accommodate unexpected adventures and trips.


Datadragon™, our throughput intelligence platform, monitors, analyzes and manages how bandwidth flow is being used in real time across the WAN at the application level, providing you with 50% more throughput for 20% less cost. Guaranteed.

Comprehensive Communications & Innovation Solutions

Potentiate your business goals with connectivity 2.0 and future-proofed customized solutions. Isotropic provides the highest speed communications networks, supported by the latest ST Engineering iDirect platforms and backed by the best network uptime in the satellite industry. For organizations that depend on fast, reliable remote communications, we’re your global partner committed to delivering the best quality of service.

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Global, Frictionless Coverage

Isotropic’s fixed and mobile VSAT connectivity provides the highest performance service available, backed by quadruple redundancy and dedicated 24/7 technical support. No matter the location, challenging environment or bandwidth demanded, we provide global, frictionless communications that work the first time, every time, all the time, no matter what. When reliability and quality of service mean everything to your operations, there is only Isotropic to trust.       

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Monitor, Analyze and Command Throughput

The only way to achieve and maintain optimal network performance and top user experience is to know exact bandwidth requirements and usage patterns – and then to command throughput accordingly. Datadragon™, Isotropic’s throughput intelligence platform, uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and built-in analytics to ensure consistent, secure experiences for you and your customers. Enjoy ultimate security, too. Enterprise-class Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) network access control is built in, ensuring that only those meant to use the network get in. Datadragon’s next-generation firewall blocks and keeps malicious traffic off the network.       

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The Most Flexible, Highly Scalable VNO Solutions

Whether you’re setting up as an ISP, or managing your own internal distributed network, Isotropic’s highly scalable VNO solution, powered by ST Engineering iDirect technology, takes away the capital cost investment associated with setting up a VSAT service, so you can focus on building your business, or supporting your internal users. Gain access to powerful tools for client management, the award-winning Datadragon, control of remote site configurations such as Quality of Service (QoS) and filtering, and the ability to create Group QoS (GQoS) profiles that allow for true end-user Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

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Unparalleled Quality of Service (QoS)

At Isotropic, service is everything, which is why we developed our own award-winning throughput intelligence technology to not only enable Quality of Service (QoS) but Group QoS (GQoS), too. Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and analytics insights, network operators have total throughput control to provide seamless internet experiences. Easily control user access based on bandwidth usage, shape data usage and plans to match customer needs, and anticipate and troubleshoot problems in real time at the application level across the WAN. Whether across single, multi-use or hybrid networks, meeting true Service Level Agreements (SLAs) has never been this easy.

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The Ultimate Cybersecurity Solution

When it comes to data integrity, you need unrivaled certainty, which begins with unrivaled visibility. This is why we developed Pendragon™, Isotropic’s complete cybersecurity solution with the ultimate in network visibility and enterprise-grade capabilities. Developed based on the actual needs of our customers around the world, Pendragon has enterprise-class Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) network access control built in, ensuring that only those meant to use the network get in, while its next-generation firewall keeps malicious traffic out. With Pendragon, you have unparalleled end-to-end network control including your internet connectivity.

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Authenticity, empathy, reliability: It’s a family thing

Isotropic is a family-run business and the distinguishing family traits, principles and ethics are at the company’s core, influencing the way we operate. They are the “family business” pillars on which Isotropic has been built, and play an enabling role in our steady growth. The family business pillars are also responsible for our unique approach to service, where all clients, big and small, are equal. Every single client is as important as any member of the family. For us, clients are part of the family, and customer service is a blood line. Taking care of one of our own means that no matter where you are, if you need support, we will be there. For nearly three decades, with undivided attention to customer service and ingenuity, Isotropic has been committed to our mission of connecting the planet, and providing unrivaled certainty across the world. Our almost 30-year legacy will continue with the company’s next-generation leadership disrupting the status quo of connectivity today, and in the future.

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Isotropic is at the Core of Successful Missions

With unmatched flexibility that comes with no strings attached, unprecedented insights into throughput management and command, and unrivaled certainty that enables your operations with always-on, never-fail communications, Isotropic is able to ensure mission success.  


After Hurricane Dorian sweeps through the Caribbean, Isotropic steps in to provide M/Y Axis with flexible bandwidth on its relief runs to the Abaco Islands.



When its oil and gas customers faced tight budgets, DataDrill became a Virtual Network Operator (VNO) with Isotropic so it could offer greater cost flexibility without affecting the quality of its solutions.


Emergency Response

When you’re on-the-move and at the scene in the aftermath of a disaster, there’s no time to troubleshoot antennas or call customer service. See how Isotropic and insurance companies can help communities recover from a crisis with simple, failsafe communications.

Emergency Response


When arriving at the scene of a disaster, Squire Tech and Isotropic understand that first responders don't have time to troubleshoot. Here's how they've teamed up to provide truly reliable critical communications.