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Connect Quickly & Stay Connected, No Matter What

For your emergency response team, every second counts. The emergency communications systems in your mobile command vehicles need to be instant, intuitive, and uninterrupted. Our emergency services solutions are designed for your success.

During a crisis, you need:

  • To quickly establish and maintain communications. 
  • To easily manage your network for efficiency and security. 
  • A network that is fully optimized, safe, and guaranteed to perform in the most challenging conditions.

We provide unmatched emergency communications solutions. This includes our Emergency Communications Platform (ECP) and Emergency Communications LTE (ECLTE) system expansion. Both of these powerful solutions are enhanced by Datadragon® and Pendragon™. This gives you ultimate network visibility and enterprise-grade security. 

Fully Customized Solutions Designed To Fit Your Needs

We develop critical emergency communications solutions that perform in any situation, including:

Emergency Communications Platform (ECP)
The ECP is compact, portable, and can be installed quickly on any vehicle. It doesn’t require large clusters of rooftop equipment that increase the risk of technical difficulties. Our ECP promises unfailing, always-on connectivity.
Emergency Communications LTE (ECLTE)
Expand your connectivity without installing a completely new communications system. Our system allows you to switch seamlessly between VSAT and LTE networks with customizable, failsafe redundancy.
Personalized Service Plans
Both the ECP and the ECLTE come standard with our 20×5 Mbps flat-rate service plan. We also offer customized service solutions designed specifically for emergency service teams.

Our Solutions

Here’s how our industry leading team keeps you connected, ALWAYS.


Leveraging our extensive knowledge of the communications industry, we identify challenges and develop practical solutions to optimize and elevate your OneWeb experience.

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With deep insights into the communications sector, we understand the challenges and provide practical solutions to enhance your Starlink experience.

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Datadragon® is our intiuitive bandwidth management application enabling unprecedented levels of app-level transparency, optimization, and personalization across single, multi-use, or hybrid networks.

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