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Lynn Zbierski, Isotropic Networks’ President

Pioneering Connectivity & Client Service

Live Your Life Wire Free

For over 30 years, our company’s approach to satellite communications has been driven by an entrepreneurial mindset. We see working with you as an opportunity to understand you and your unique personal and business needs. With that knowledge, we’re able to provide the solutions needed to generate greater efficiencies, increase productivity, and expand revenue streams.

We’re leveraging satellite, terrestrial, and wireless technologies as we expand our vision of a connected planet through converged networks. And if the solutions to your challenges don’t exist, we’ll create them. We take on the communications challenges other companies can’t or won’t.

Our Vision For A Connected Planet

Always Innovating
Our team works directly with our global client base and we are always creating new solutions for real world needs.
Relentlessly Improving
From technology to equipment, we are constantly updating to keep up with technology enhancements and the needs of our clients.
New Product Offerings
Technology never stops improving, and neither do we. Our industry experts are constantly pushing the envelope to offer products and services that are second to none.
Connecting the Planet
This isn't a buzzword - it's our reality. We harness our technology and equipment to ensure you are connected, anywhere on the planet.
Our People Matter
We believe in the complete client experience. That means a human answers the phone and you talk to someone that is capable and qualified to take action to resolve your issue.
Clients = Everything
Everything our company has created is centered around the needs of our clients. From how our client service teams operate, to the technology we create - all to serve our clients.

A Word From Our Company Owners

We started this business with the single goal of connecting the planet. Over the past 30 years we have built an amazing team of experts that has helped us achieve that. With our team and technology in place we can offer services that no one else can.

Lynn & Hank Zbierski

Co-Owners & Founders of Isotropic Networks

Company owners - Hank and Lynn