Our Cellular solutions (LTE backhaul) gives you faster and more efficient connections in areas where reliable mobile services are challenging. Our services can be extremely valuable to those affected by a catastrophe or in emerging markets where cellular data is strong but internet strength may not be. 

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Extend Your Coverage

Our satellite solutions give you the reliability, speed, and performance you need in your hard-to-serve and remote areas. Creating the infrastructure to develop terrestrial backhaul networks costs time and money, making satellite the only viable option. This means the effectiveness of your network hinges on the quality of the equipment you use to connect your base stations to the core network.

Our end-to-end solutions make it easy for you to expand your services and our custom pricing allows you to pay by the day, week or month. Our state-of-the-art VSAT hubs and terminals leverage the latest technologies designed to provide you and your customers with LTE performance you can trust. We drive global communications forward.

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The Isotropic Cellular Advantage

Cost-effective, innovative solutions where connectivity is hard (or impossible) to reach.
Fast deployment.
Seamless user experience with true LTE speeds, and at a low cost.
Network transparency and Next Generation Cyber Security through Pendragon™.
Connect local and mobile networks to the internet backbone or the mobile core.
Global managed services utilizing the latest technologies and a 24/7 Call Center.
Advanced VPN designed for the future, including 5G readiness.