Pendragon® (SD-WAN)

Pendragon® is the all-in-one solution that empowers you with total network visibility through an intuitive, easy-to-use hardware interface, giving you an unprecedented ability to control all aspects across SD-WAN.

Take Total Control Of Your Network

Pendragon® is a comprehensive solution that combines multiple communication channels, ensuring seamless configuration and constant connectivity. We design customized solutions for every client, offering simplicity, easy network control, 99.99% uptime, and threat analytics. Our AI- and human-powered SD-WAN-enabled platform provides Next Generation Cyber Security and bandwidth management, monitoring and protecting network throughput across terrestrial and space-based networks. It offers real-time deep network inspection, segmentation, and cybersecurity risk management. 

Our service, with adaptable traffic configuration, user access prioritization, and complete network visibility, consistently delivers seamless internet experiences worldwide. This offering typically complements our other product offerings and managed service agreements. We manage and prioritize your applications, ensuring you always have the required bandwidth, making it an ideal solution for those who don’t manage their networks and need professional assistance.

Cutting-Edge SD-WAN Technology

Discover your future network management with our cutting-edge SD-WAN appliance. Designed for operational simplicity, it consolidates diverse connectivity options—from satellite services like Starlink and VSAT to LTE and beyond—into a unified platform. Easily manage and optimize all WAN connections through a single, intuitive interface, enhancing agility and reducing operational costs. Enjoy carrier-independent connectivity with support for 5G, satellite, and traditional connections, leveraging dynamic load balancing for superior performance. Integrated with Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) strategies, our appliance ensures seamless security across cloud services and remote connectivity, safeguarding against modern cyber threats. Ideal for businesses seeking robust, flexible network solutions.

How IT Works

Pendragon® operates on three core principles:

Through deep-network inspection across SD-WAN identifies, classifies, and inventories all connected users and devices to ensure total control of who is permitted on the network and what they can do.
By understanding current and historic network utilization through intelligent on-demand control and machine learning, we provide granular prioritization by network, user, or device.
Through the Pendragon® application-aware detection and intrusion prevention system designed to detect, log, and stop malicious attacks in real-time.

Pendragon®, equipped with our award-winning application Datadragon®, forms the core of our solution. Datadragon® utilizes passive and active monitoring techniques for unparalleled real-time flow visibility. Pendragon discovers and auto classifies devices connected to heterogeneous network infrastructures using multi-dimensional technology, identifying device function, type, operating system, vendor, and model.

Pendragon® operates as a network-agnostic device, scalable from a local network controller to a full SD-WAN solution. Implementing Pendragon® enables detection of imminent attacks, device identity, traffic visibility, context-aware security policies, and dynamic network segmentation as devices move and networks change.

Or platforms provide unmatched throughput command and network protection capabilities. Monitor, prioritize, and defend traffic in real time at the device and application level across single, multi-use, and hybrid networks. With tailored bandwidth management, you can match data usage and service plans to customers’ unique needs, providing higher-level experiences.

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