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With three decades of experience, Isotropic is a VSAT powerhouse serving maritime, energy, enterprise and emergency response markets with customized, scalable and ultra-reliable communications solutions. With operations on 24 satellites and our team of global partners, we enable sites across the oceans and the most remote and challenging locations on land.

Whether it’s for critical communications or top user experience, Isotropic’s fixed and mobile VSAT satellite connectivity and flexible service plans offer unrivaled certainty – our promise that communications will work the first time, every time, all the time, no matter what! With the best network uptime in the satellite industry, backed by quadruple redundancy and a dedicated team of experts offering on-the-ground and remote support, Isotropic VSAT services are guaranteed to support your operations today, and in the future.

Service and reliability are what we’re all about. Not only do you want the best possible customer service and unrivaled certainty that your communications will always work, but you also want to know that your networks are running at optimal levels, providing maximum throughput and safeguarded by the best cybersecurity available. This is why Isotropic’s fixed and mobile VSAT services are provided together with unmatched network management as standard. It’s why we offer you our proprietary enterprise-grade cybersecurity solution that we’ve built from the ground up based on real client needs and challenges. 

Meet Datadragon™

Isotropic’s throughput management platform 

From data-hungry apps and bandwidth-heavy uploads to more smart devices and new communications infrastructure, our connected environment is becoming more complex by the day. At the same time, end users want greater freedom to connect and expect a top user experience no matter where they are in the world.

The only way to provide the frictionless internet experience demanded and to fully enable your operations is to have total network control while ensuring maximum throughput. For this, you need Datadragon, our throughput intelligence platform. Monitor, analyze and command bandwidth flow in real time across the WAN, at the application level. Datadragon learns usage patterns and optimizes networks for maximum throughput to ensure consistent, secure experiences.

When you take control of your network with Isotropic and Datadragon, you’ll see 50% more throughput for 20% less cost. Guaranteed.

Meet Pendragon™

Isotropic’s complete cybersecurity solution  

When it comes to data integrity, you need unrivaled certainty, which begins with unrivaled visibility. This is why Pendragon provides the ultimate in network visibility and enterprise-grade capabilities. 

Technologically compliant with NIST and flag state regulations, Pandragon has enterprise-class Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) network access control built in, ensuring that only those meant to use the network get in. Its next-generation firewall supremely blocks and keeps malicious traffic off the network. Built with IOT and Operational Technologies in mind, Pendragon gives you unparalleled end-to-end network control including your internet connectivity.

How Isotropic Does It Better

No contracts-approach. Suspend and reactivate service anytime. Upgrade when you need to and downgrade when you’re done.

We customize our solutions to best support your operations and business needs.

Clients are part of the Isotropic Family and customer service is a bloodline. We are always with you.

Our world-class Network Operations Center NOC works relentlessly to ensure your networks stay at peak performance.

Our world-class NOC works relentlessly to ensure your networks stay at peak performance.

We excel at intensely challenging communications. With nearly 30 years’ experience, we’re you’re trusted advisors. Have high bandwidth needs and multiple remote locations? Need scalability and help with application priorities? No problem. We’ll walk you through it and tailor the ideal solution.       

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