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We understand that these days maritime clients expect more than basic coverage and one-size-fits-all plans — they need to know that service covers their actual needs and works, no matter what. That’s why every aspect of our maritime offerings is thoughtfully designed to provide our clients with the highly flexible, custom and cost-effective solutions they require.

At Isotropic, we deliver the most reliable, technologically advanced services and safety solutions to our clients spanning superyacht, leisure, sport fishing, commercial fishing, ferries and workboat markets.   

Leaders in Flexibility

Isotropic has always set the standard for flexibility in maritime satellite communications. With no strings attached, we provide month-to-month service plans that offer the reliability, speeds and user experience that you really need. We understand the challenges you face and the unpredictability of the open water and extreme weather conditions. This is why our unique flexibility enables anytime upgrades and downgrades. Suddenly need more bandwidth and top speeds? No problem, you can easily downgrade when your bandwidth demand returns to normal. At Isotropic, we provide upgrades by the week or day, and honor same-day requests. Have an upcoming yard period? No problem, you can easily suspend service without worrying about hidden costs either. We give you the freedom to suspend and reactive service for free.           

Unmatched Service

We provide all our maritime customers with the same attention to detail and high level of service, whether you’re the captain of a superyacht or managing a fleet of fishing vessels. With isotropic, you always get authenticity, empathy, reliability and our unique approach to service, where clients are part of the family and customer service is a blood line.

We take on the challenges other companies can’t or won’t, enabling your high-risk operations with ultra-reliable communications backed by the best uptime in the industry. Our relentless commitment to quality is why our solutions work the first time, every time, all the time. This is our promise of unrivaled certainly.

Fleet Network Solutions

We provide fleet network solutions with Group Quality of Service (GQoS) to offer an array of benefits ideal for management companies and fleet operators. Powered by our award-winning and proprietary throughput intelligence platform Datadragon™, GQoS gives you bandwidth management capabilities that allow traffic prioritization for multiple vessels within a shared network environment. You’re able to analyze, monitor and command throughput in real time across your networks at the application level, and manage access levels based on bandwidth usage. GQoS allows you to meet true customer Service Level Agreements and ensure a frictionless internet experience for improved Quality of Experience (QoE).        

Beyond VSAT Services

Isotropic’s 4G and LTE cellular data solutions are the perfect complement to your onboard VSAT communications systems for when you’re cruising close to shore. As pioneers in converged communications and industry leaders in reliable, always-on connectivity, we strive to connect you to the greatest number of native networks from the US to the Mediterranean and everywhere in between. Choose from a month-to-month flat rate plan or multi coverage per GB plans from carriers including ATT, T-Mobile, Verizon, Aliv, BTC, Digicel, Flow, Vodafone and Orange.

At Isotropic, we understand that VSAT might be just one part of the connectivity puzzle. That’s why we also offer cellular data, Inmarsat, Iridium, Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) and Long-Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) solutions as value-added services. We also provided our proprietary and unmatched enterprise-grade cybersecurity and network management solutions.   

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