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Ask any satellite communication specialist and they’ll tell you that cyber security should be a priority whether you’re running a small startup business or managing a large multinational company. The good news is that cyber security is continuously evolving, with bigger and betters solutions being introduced every year. The only thing that businesses must do is to incorporate Next Generation Cyber Security advancements into their existing security framework to further safeguard their users and devices from attacks.

Why Next Generation Technology Is Needed

Business owners and managers spend a lot of time and effort on building the ideal cyber security system. However, it’s important to note that setting up this system is only half the battle; it’s also essential to keep your cyber security up to date. Remember: cybercriminals are doing their best to stay on top of the game, and their efforts often allow them to develop more sophisticated tools and highly effective techniques. To prevent yourself from being targeted by these criminals, you need to stay one step ahead by adopting Next Generation Cyber Security solutions.

Cyber Security Advancements to Integrate in Your System

There are many excellent cyber security methods to choose from nowadays, so any businesses can simply choose those that best suit their security needs and will work well with their existing system. Here are some of the best Next Generation Cyber Security advancements to take advantage of:

1. 5G wireless connectivity

5G solutions are becoming more and more preferred over 3G and 4G networks because they have significantly lower latency, faster upload and download speeds, and increased bandwidth. However, these aren’t the only benefits that 5G can bring! It’s also much more secure than earlier technologies since it comes with modern features such as network slicing, mobile edge computing, and added encryption.

2. Blockchain

The blockchain technology has become known because of its affiliations with cryptocurrency and NFTs, but it’s more than that. This Next Generation Cyber Security advancement uses encryption to verify, record, and seal digital transactions, so you can use it to increase data integrity and improve data verification within your network. This, in turn, can lead to significantly lower cyber security risks.

3. Zero-trust models

Many cyber security systems create trusted zones to save time and avoid hassles for users. However, these zones can be a breeding ground for security threats, which is why many experts nowadays recommend the switch to zero-trust models as a Next Generation Cyber Security method. As their name implies, these systems don’t rely on trusted zones and instead treat each session as untrusted, and they require sessions to be authenticated, authorized, and encrypted before access is granted.

4. Artificial intelligence

Many satellite internet connection companies now use artificial intelligence to keep track of user permissions and monitor user activity, along with machine learning, AI can also detect suspicious and anomalous behaviors and prevent intrusions in real time.

Get the Help of Cyber Security Experts

Adding Next Generation Cyber Security to your business’ repertoire is a great way to protect your business and keep security risks at bay. Don’t worry since Isotropic Networks can help you do just that. We are experts in commercial communications satellites and provide Next Generation Cyber Security platforms along with other solutions to help businesses boost not just their productivity and efficiency but also their networks’ safety and security. Reach out to our team now!