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Can VSAT Provide Internet Connection?

The world has definitely come a long way in terms of connectivity. In fact, most places already have Internet connection, especially since it has now become a must for communication, business, entertainment and just the need for information. Unfortunately, there are still areas that hasn’t been reached by copper or fiber networks yet, so people have no way of connecting to the internet. This is where VSAT satellite internet comes in.

What is a VSAT?

VSAT stands for Very Small Aperture Terminal, which is essentially a satellite dish that measures 3.8 meters or less and located in a remote location. In areas where a traditional internet connection isn’t possible, VSAT providers place these small satellites instead to provide both internet data and voice (VoIP) traffic where it’s needed.

When you use a VSAT satellite internet, you can expect internet speeds from 128kbps or up to 72mbps depending on the type of satellite that’s used, the provider that you’re working with or the purpose or that internet connection. For instance, mobile VSAT antennas that are placed in luxury cruise ships are expected to deliver higher internet speeds to cater to the needs of hundreds—or even thousands—of guests on board. But VSAT satellite internet in a small observation point that only requires data transmission will offer a lower bandwidth since the demand for it is also low.

What are the benefits of VSAT for internet connectivity?

VSAT satellite internet has been proven to be beneficial to different industries with operations in remote locations. Here are just some of the many benefits of VSAT for internet connectivity:

  • Ease of deployment. One of the biggest advantages of VSAT satellite internet is ease of deployment, which means that you can set up these satellites without the need for big structural requirements and you can start using it. This is especially beneficial for remote industrial sites that need to relay information right away.
  • No structural issues. Instead of using large physical networks, businesses can work with VSAT providers that will set up different VSATs in the area where an internet connection is required. These mobile VSAT antennas, in turn, will bounce off their signals through an orbital satellite, eliminating any structural issues when transmitting data as compared to other types of internet providers that need a physical medium such as an ethernet for data transmission.
  • Independent operations. Another huge benefit of using VSAT satellite internet as opposed to traditional internet connections is that VSAT providers operate independently from local telecommunications networks. This means that VSATs can be used as a backup system that will help for business recovery and continuity in cases where wired networks encounter problems and errors affecting how a business runs. A lot of businesses now have their own mobile VSAT antennas as their backup systems to ensure that they can keep operating regardless of any issues with their primary internet providers.

So, if you’re a business looking for an excellent internet connectivity option for your remote sites or a backup system for your operations, VSAT satellite internet is definitely a smart choice. Make sure to contact Isotropic Networks for more information about our VSAT services, which are guaranteed to support your operations today and into the future.