Due to the remote location, the islands have their own power generators and a water desalination system. Poor cellular services resulted in the decision to use VSAT to bring reliable connectivity to the islands.

Having worked together previously, the island managers decided to use us to supply the Islands with VSAT for Wi-Fi, three dedicated VoIP lines, and satellite phone service. Our flexible solutions make it easy for the island manager to upgrade service when the owner arrives and downgrade when they leave.

Knowing the island owner’s concern for privacy, the island managers knew that we would provide discreet, white-glove service to support our customized solutions. And for several years we continue to provide reliable service that allows the owners to conduct conference calls, connect with family and friends, use social media, and more. Even when the owners leave and service is downgraded, island managers can still rely on our services to order food and supply deliveries, run security camera systems, schedule travel plans, and more.

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