Due to the remote location, Greenland and Akiak have poor network services. This results in the decision to use OneWeb to bring reliable connectivity to the islands.

OneWeb’s LEO network addresses connectivity issues in remote locations by providing faster data transfer rates and lower latency compared to traditional geostationary satellite networks. This lower altitude enables interoperability with various devices and systems, enhancing communication and collaboration between remote sites and headquarters. Additionally, LEO technology supports real-time applications, IoT-based asset management, remote diagnostics, and regulatory compliance, making it an ideal solution for industries operating in remote areas, such as mining and oil & gas.

Knowing the lack of service in these remote areas, OneWeb was installed in these communities that required better service. OneWeb’s LEO benefits users with faster data transfer rates, lower latency, enhanced communication and collaboration, improved IoT-based asset management, remote diagnostics, and regulatory compliance. The network enables real-time monitoring, control, and analysis, as well as connectivity for remote workers. This has led to increased safety, efficiency, and productivity in remote operations.

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