An international drilling company, needed more bandwidth to accommodate hundreds of drilling sites throughout the United States and South America.

We engineered a proprietary solution that ensured they would receive both quantity and quality. We increased individual site throughput speeds from 4Mx2M to 25Mx5M. We then enabled multiple QoS rules, giving the client control over traffic prioritization. Finally, Datadragon® was deployed to allow full visibility into network parameters, including bidirectional signal strength, modem health, and uptime.

Thanks to our white-glove service, the client integrated nearly 300 sites in less than a month. Each site received more bandwidth, and nuanced QoS rules ensured that critical applications take priority so that business operations run smoothly and efficiently. Careful QoS management also means employees can run software updates, download training materials, and stream live video at the same time. Now, updates takehours instead of days or even weeks. And with Datadragon, the client can take an even closer look at network traffic to squeeze as much efficiency out of their network as possible.

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