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Everywhere Is Within Reach for Isotropic Networks

Business Insider Since the earliest days of the internet, Isotropic Networks has developed technologies and services that have pushed the satellite industry forward. Even after 30 years of success, the Lake Geneva, WI-based company is driven by the same entrepreneurial spirit it was founded with in a Chicago radio station. Isotropic serves clients that put…

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Intelsat Advances Multi-Orbit Strategy with Expansion of Eutelsat Group LEO Agreement

MCLEAN, VA. – Intelsat today announced a strategic advance in its service capabilities through an expanded partnership with Eutelsat Group related to that company’s OneWeb low-earth orbit (LEO) constellation. The deal is a significant development for multi-orbit satellite connectivity solutions and positions Intelsat at the forefront of the next wave in global connectivity. The arrangement…

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Isotropic and Starlink: Elevating Maritime Connectivity for Yacht Captains

Isotropic elevates the Starlink experience by leveraging their proficiency in satellite communications and dedication to superior service. Here’s how Isotropic enriches and complements the Starlink offering. Isotropic excels in seamlessly integrating various satellite technologies into a unified and effective system. By incorporating Starlink into their existing infrastructure, they enhance its performance and reliability. Leveraging their…

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Improving Starlink’s Latency

Starlink engineering teams have been focused on improving the performance of our network with thegoal of delivering a service with stable 20 millisecond (ms) median latency and minimal packet loss. Over the past month, we have meaningfully reduced median and worst-case latency for users around theworld. In the United States alone, we reduced median latency…

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