Winegard WX980 .98M Roof Mounted VSAT Antenna

The Winegard WX980 .98M Roof Mounted Antenna feature extremely heavy duty options and scalability for the energy and enterprise markets. The WX Series Antennas use the strongest, most rugged actuators in the industry, allowing for maximum reliability in extreWinegard wx980 Roof Mounted VSAT Antenname environments. All Winegard WX Series Systems are exclusively single-wire hookup for control of the antenna. The Winegard Two-Way Controller is a fully-integrated, simpleto- use antenna controller. No External PC is required to operate the system; it is a Single-Button Operation. The Controller is rack-mountable, and the built-in DVB receiver and GPS makes the Winegard Two-Way Controller work great on iDirect VSAT solutions.








  • Heavy duty construction to withstand extreme environments
  • Perfect for energy and other enterprise applications
  • 2-way communication capability for data, video, and voice
  • Simple, single-button operation requiring no external PC
  • Quick deployment
  • Auto-acquisition of target satellite
  • Rack-mountable controller included
  • Built-in DVB receiver, GPS, compass and tilt sensors
  • FCC part 25.209 compliant
  • Little or no periodic maintenance required
  • Easy field repair and minimal maintenance
  • Fastest acquisition times in the industry

Model WX980 .98M Roof Mounted Antenna Specifications



Wind Survival 75 mph (Deployed)
150 mph (Stowed)
Wind Operational 50+ mph
Temperature(Operational) -40° F to 122° F (-40° C to 50° C)
Temperature(Survival) -58° F to 176° F (-50° to 80° C)


Polarization Cross-Pol
Weight 150 lbs. approximate