Oil and Gas Satellite Communications

Rig crews live and work in some of the most demanding, harsh, and unique conditions on earth. The requirement for voice, video, networking, and real-time data management doesn’t go away because the user is located offshore, at a land rig site, or on a production platform.


In an industry with intense pressures, constantly changing crews, stressful conditions, and where dollar loss due to productivity is measured by the minute; Isotropic is there to provide seamless and reliable oil rig communications and support.


Whether it’s remote land-based drilling operations or offshore drilling platforms, the appetite for satellite broadband is rapidly growing. Communications links that may have sufficed in the past for basic connectivity can’t handle the bandwidth-hungry needs of today’s applications for commercial monitoring, control functions, safety management and crew welfare within the Oil and Gas sector. As bandwidth demand increases, it’s more critical to operations that the network doesn’t fail in any scenario. With daily rates in the range of hundreds of thousands of dollars, any minute lost in communications is a loss in profits. Isotropic Networks provides a variety of satellite network options to meet the variety of needs of the Energy companies. Focusing on high-bandwidth options with QoS options at the application layer, Isotropic prioritizes customer data based on their requirements.


Global Oil and Gas companies are extremely demanding, both on the network and on the support they require for the data communications. Using iDirect’s advanced VSAT hub system, Isotropic raises to the challenge, providing our resellers and distributors with a robust infrastructure to keep these demanding customers happy. Using next generation technology, like the X7 Satellite Router and Adaptive TDMA from iDirect, Isotropic is ready to provide data links up to 50Mbps.


With our solution your Energy employees can send any images, video and test results back to their home base for instant analysis. This saves manpower hours and enables your company to operate more efficiency.


Isotropic’s Network, built on the iDirect Hub Solution, provides the following benefits:

  • Reliability. Maximum uptime regardless of the operational environment or weather condition at your site.
  • Bandwidth Efficiency. Higher throughput efficiency for emerging voice, video and data applications that require more bandwidth.
  • Advanced Mobility. Isotropic’s network provides services to both fixed and mobile VSATs.
  • Diverse Application Support. For a variety of new applications including integrated exploration and production operations, improved productivity and collaboration as well as ensured safety and security of critical assets.