Maritime Satellite Communications – Internet at Sea

Voice, fax, weather, high speed data, video, Internet…


Whether you operate a luxury yacht or a shipping company with tankers, cargo vessels and container ships, using traditional pay-by-the-minute satellite solutions have become costly and may not provide the advanced features available with satellite. The high fees associated with these solutions also limit companies’ abilities to utilize their corporate IT infrastructure effectively. Broadband At-Sea IP-based VSAT services enable unlimited voice and fax, corporate networking, always-on maritime Internet connectivity and data streaming applications for a fixed price.


Isotropic’s IsoMariner stabilization systems provide the most reliable satellite communications.


From C-Band to Ku-Band, you’ll see the difference in stable signal levels, fewer acquisition losses, and lower bit-error rates even in storm conditions. Our qualified staff and extensive dealer network located at ports around the world have many years of experience in management and service of maritime communication traffic. We are also continually developing and increasing our levels of efficiency and service in order to meet the demands of our ever expanding International client base. Our existing infrastructure and accumulated experience means that we can serve your maritime satellite communication needs in an extremely timely manner.


Isotropic Networks unique, robust and reliable maritime VSAT products, IsoMariner VSAT solution and platforms, provide yachts, ferries maritime satellite internet seatel antennaand commercial vessels to effectively conduct daily on-board/vessel projects, increase work productivity, maintain on-shore communications and efficiently conduct day-to-day on-shore business operations.


As Internet connectivity is an integral part of life, Isotropic Networks Broadband IsoMariner IP-based VSAT service and solution enable unlimited voice, and fax, corporate networking, always-on Internet connectivity and data streaming applications all for a fixed price. With the At-Sea solutions owners, crew and passengers can access their shore based Internet amenities of social networking, video calling, streaming video, and more.  So whether checking weather, accessing business data reports or browsing for the latest restaurants at port, Isotropic Networks standard and custom solutions offer passengers the comfort of home while at sea.


Connected Ships

Over 90 percent of worldwide trade is serviced by marine going vessels. These ships rely on broadband connectivity and VSAT technology, to stay in touch with operations on land, increase work productivity and improved the quality of life for the 1.2 million seafarers that are the backbone of the maritime industry. Internet connectivity is an integral part of life, driving growth of VSAT technology at sea. IP connected applications and devices aboard vessels have exploded over the past few years, with the Internet of Things progressing this even more.


VSAT Technology has been and will continue to play a dominant role in providing broadband connectivity for vessels around the globe. Isotropic offers highly reliable KU-Band VSAT services for maritime applications on stabilized dishes down to 60 cm (in most markets). Utilizing the iDirect Evolution X5 or X7 Satellite Router, Isotropic can offer high bandwidth solutions to and from the ship. This provides the crew, guests, and owners of these vessels with a large variety of service and bandwidth options to fit any size vessel, big or small.


Isotropic Networks’ maritime IsoMariner VSAT solution provides a single world-class signature and stabilized solution to the following maritime sectors:

  • Yachts
  • Ferries
  • Commercial 

With our IsoMariner IP-based VSAT platform, Isotropic Networks maritime clients will experience quality of service recognizing stable signal levels, fewer acquisition loses, lower bit-error rates differences and high customer service through all division of the organization.


Being an IsoMariner VSAT customer you have access to the following valued services:

  • Unique, robust, reliable, constant KU service
  • 24/7/365 NOC Support
  • Personal Account Representative and Quality of Service
  • Global Reseller, Dealer and Technical Service & Support
  • Standard and Customized Service Plans
  • Usage Reporting
  • Flexible Contracts

Isotropic supplies, supports, and maintains a variety of maritime antennas and solutions. Follow the links below to learn more about the perfect solution for your sea going vessel. Then call for a quote for service, equipment, and to hear about the Isotropic difference.