Enterprise Satellite Internet

Successful companies understand the critical importance of seamless Broadband IP network availability. Isotropic’s own studies have determined that major telecommunications carriers cannot reach approximately 20% of their customer’s global network.


Limitations of traditional land-based services have led to an evolution in networking data and voice connectivity. This requires the blending of multiple communications technologies and delivery transports. IP networks via satellite are an integral piece of this worldwide telecommunications infrastructure.


Enterprise Satellite Internet

Isotropic Networks provides critical VSAT IP communications and communication fail-over to companies, businesses, and government agencies the world over. VSAT IP facilitates the ability to operate independent of the limited local telecommunication options with 99.5%+ network availability.


The need for uninterrupted enterprise connectivity is fueling the growth of broadband services that can support many enterprise IP applications—from data to voice to video —and extend to any location; be it land, sea, or air. Advances in satellite technology have made IP-over-satellite the cost-effective solution for enterprises that want to expand connectivity to every location and individual no matter where they are, ensuring total business continuity under any circumstances and in any environment.






Benefits of Isotropics’ Enterprise Connectivity Options

The benefits of true enterprise connectivity via the iDirect technology touch nearly every facet of the business:

  • Greater efficiencies
  • Lower operating costs
  • Increased productivity

No matter your application; enabling faster, more secure financial transactions, assuring business continuity despite network failures, or keeping a mobile, dispersed workforce connected, Isotropic’s IP optimized Satellite Network drives business success in the enterprise.


Enterprise Satellite Solution Overview

Isotropic Networks Satellite Network is trusted worldwide to support critical IP applications across the enterprise, providing the essential integration between terrestrial and satellite networks and platforms.


Regardless of the application – VoIPVPN, streaming media, Internet access or data backup – Isotropics’s Network is based on iDirect’s advanced technology is an essential part of global enterprise networks everywhere, enabling workers from headquarters to the most remote offices to better connect and collaborate, and share information.


The iDirect Intelligent Platform™ is an IP-based satellite communications system engineered to deliver quality broadband connectivity wherever and whenever it’s needed. It changes the nature of what satellite communications is capable of achieving, transforming satellite’s ‘reach’ into a mainstream solution able to extend high-speed, secure connectivity to any geography, environment or communications application within the enterprise. Isotropic Networks has built their network on the iDirect Intelligent Platform to provide the Enterprise with optimum communications over satellite.