Connect quickly and stay connected with Isotropic’s Emergency Communications solutions

When your teams are deployed, every second counts, so the communication systems in your mobile command vehicles need to be instantaneous, intuitive, and uninterrupted. Simple, failsafe communications are the key to success in this industry. That’s why Isotropic developed the Emergency Communications Platform (ECP) and Emergency Communications LTE (ECLTE) system expansion.

Emergency Communications Platform (ECP)
With its compact design and just-add-power portability, the ECP can be installed on any vehicle in a fraction of the time of more traditional solutions without the need for large clusters of rooftop equipment that create more opportunities for technical difficulties.

The ECP is built on a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) connection that automatically shifts between VSAT and LTE networks in microseconds. At its heart is an easily deployed terminal paired with iDirect’s iQ 200 modem board promising unfailing, always-on connectivity.

Emergency Communications LTE (ECLTE)
If your existing VSAT system isn’t ready for a total upgrade, Isotropic’s ECLTE offers you the ability to expand your connectivity without the expense of installing a completely new communication system.

With the ECLTE, you can add an iDirect iQ200 LTE modem with dual SIM cards and customizable, fail-over redundancy to any existing VSAT platform and gain the ability to switch seamlessly between VSAT and LTE networks to ensure the unrivaled certainty you expect and need when it matters most.

Personalized service plans
Both the ECP and the ECLTE are supported by Isotropic’s standard 20×5 Mbps flat-rate service plan or customized service solutions designed specifically for emergency service teams.

Take total control of your network with Datadragon™
Datadragon is Isotropic’s throughput intelligence platform that puts the power to monitor, analyze, and manage bandwidth flow in your hands. Datadragon gives you application-level transparency across the WAN, so you can ensure consistent, secure connectivity experiences no matter what.

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