Emergency Satellite Communications from Isotropic Networks

Isotropic Networks operates the most technically advanced diverse routed Teleport operation in the Americas. We understand the importance of Emergency Satellite Communications. While many emergency responders rely on local cell or municipal radio networks in case of a disaster, you are not assured that a car, truck, trailer or parts of a home will not collide with and render a tower useless.

Farmers Emergency Management Vehicle

Our experience in numerous emergency situations has caused us to develop an unparalleled breadth of satellite emergency services. Many municipalities and State governments have been forced to reduce budgets and sacrifice certain communications contingency plans. With Isotropic’s continuity plans you can subscribe to minimum service levels which keep your satellite emergency equipment active on our network, and when required, can go to full throughput with one simple phone call.

We have created low-cost, reliable solutions for many emergency responders. Call us today to find out how we can create a custom solution for you.


Enterprise Satellite Internet Services

Does it make sense to have your Host Network Operator physically located where disasters typically strike? No! Isotropic Networks is located in Wisconsin, away from the typical hurricane and tornado regions.


Isotropic Networks delivers HERE and NOW, not when and then. The regularity of recent natural and manmade disasters continues to demonstrate the need for reliable IP Connectivity anywhere, instantly, and regardless of the conditions.


Many organizations have suffered the large capital and political costs incurred with even the slightest communications outage. Delivering on-demand IP broadband disaster recovery services in the most remote locations and under the most demanding conditions requires an operator with the global reach, ability, and experience of Isotropic.


Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes, Isotropic is there with true route diversity. We maintain your communications network in a seamless fashion. With our failover systems and backups, you can rest assured that your VoIP and data network are safe. Many Fortune 500 companies and Government agencies have made Isotropic an integral part of their overall network backup plans to maintain the continuity and security of their most critical IP based voice and data systems.


The Isotropic Networks Satellite links are completely independent of the terrestrial communications infrastructure ensuring there are no single points of failure in your network. Isotropic’s engineers will engineer in the reliability that you require based on your business needs. Low monthly service plans with a large variety of bandwidth on-demand options make this an economical solution for enterprise, local government, or emergency services to deploy.

Business Continuity

Isotropic’s Business Continuity solutions are fully automated to take over when your primary network is disrupted. Additionally, Isotropic can easily configure your system for load balancing when the primary network experiences bottlenecks during peak usage. We offer the best of both world solutions for continuity and disaster recovery. With integration into your global network, Isotropic’s satellite network provides availability when you need it.

Emergency Response - Disaster Recovery