Very Small Aperture Technologies (VSAT) will allow real-time seismic surveys, higher redundancy and seamless communications from offshore vessels.

Increasing bandwidth capacity and falling rates will allow real-time seismic surveys and video applications. New higher throughput satellites will provide quicker information transmissions from offshore vessels. VSAT technologies was enhancing to improve bandwidth in numerous frequency bands. Additional satellite capacity is coming more than the following 5 years which will allow vessel operators to stream reside information in genuine time and use a lot more applications. The following generation of satellites will allow seismic vessel operators to present superior survey information solutions even when using used VSAT equipment for sale. Imagine what we’ll have the ability to do with all the bandwidth. We could get to a point exactly where real-time seismic surveys could possibly be out there. We are able to accelerate information transmissions, and there are going to be a price tag point exactly where real-time seismic information transmissions perform.

VSAT Providers Have Constructed Redundancy Into Its Communications Options

It gives C-band, Ku-band and Ka-band VSAT solutions to offshore vessel operators. That is now backed up with line-of-sight radio and mobile telephone 3G and long-term evolution (LTE) 4G networks. It introduced OnePath wireless radio for higher throughput and elevated redundancy for offshore vessels. It enables safe, localized wireless information and voice networks with connections as much as 160km, according to the height in the antenna. It might provide throughputs of as much as 400 Mbps operating modes for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications.

A mixture of LTE and OnePath Radio installed on a drilling rig, floating production facility, accommodation, building vessel or pipelayer could offer speedy communications for surrounding OSVs. We would then have an location of low price mobile communications. Connectivity must be seamless and integrated. We are able to use LTE, and all satellite bands to develop up a complete network having a module to handle least-cost routing and OnePath Radio for redundancy. Many VSAT providers gained a contract extension from Oceaneering International for VSAT solutions on its fleet of multipurpose help vessels. This contains initiating solutions onboard Oceaneering’s new multiservice help for used VSAT equipment for sale.

VSAT Connectivity is Via C-Band And Ku-Band From Satellite Operators

When switching towards the backup network, there must be no packet loss and no dropped telephone calls, even though there’s a satellite or teleport failure. There really should be no degradation because the technique can use a second satellite. This way, we’ve two accessible networks for accurate redundancy.

Inside the North Sea and Gulf of Mexico, LTE technologies is actually a viable backup. Outdoors these regions, Ku-band VSAT may be the prime communications conduit. We have observed OSV operators embrace Ku-band as a extremely obtainable remedy employing 1m antennas. Ku-band has flexibility, and with higher throughput satellites coming, there are going to be remarkable throughput figures even for used VSAT equipment for sale.

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