UHP Networks UHP TDM/TDMA Satellite Hub

Romantis UHP TDM/TDMA HubThe UHP Hub consists of one or more UHP-9000 satellite routers and supports several modes of operation including: SCPC, Full Mesh TDMA, and SCPC DAMA. In its basic configuration, it has a single UHP-8000 router which transmits one outbound TDM carrier towards all the remote terminals and receives two inbound TDMA carriers shared between all of the remotes. Additional satellite routers are required in order to support more inbound carriers and/or to create redundant configurations in the UHP Hub. The TDM/TDMA Mesh feature allows single-hop connectivity between the remotes via the TDMA carrier also used in the inbound. The UHP Hub is typically installed in one or more 19″ rack mounted chassis. The outbound TDM channel makes use of the most efficient modulation and coding technologies based on DVB-S2 ACM (or DVB-S) industry standard. The design of the outbound channel, in combination with an innovated, bandwidth-saving MF-TDMA protocol and LDPC FED coding in the inbound channel, ensures industry lowest operating costs and delivery of highest quality services. UHP technology has unparalleled versatility and minimizes both CAPEX and OPEX, thus guaranteeing the lowest total cost of ownership for satellite networks of any configuration.
Romantis UHP TDMA Diagram


Romantis TDM/TDMA Mini-HubUHP Mini Hub is an entry-level solution based on a single UHP-1000 satellite router which transmits one outbound TDM carrier towards all remote terminals and receives one inbound TDMA carrier shared between all remotes. Additional satellite routers are required to support more inbound carriers or to create redundant Hub configurations. UHP Mini Hub supports TDM/TDMA Mesh feature and allows single-hop connectivity between the remotes via the TDMA carrier. Any UHP-1000 router is software-upgradable to operate as a Mini Hub.



UHP VSAT Network

UHP terminal is a compact satellite station that can be installed within a few hours, virtually anywhere, regardless of status of the local infrastructure. UHP terminal provides continuous, interactive access to external networks via the network Hub. The terminal acts as a standard IP router, but is able to use a satellite as a communication channel. Due to the high throughput, intelligent Quality of Service management and dynamic satellite resource reallocation, UHP VSAT network provides the users with various kinds of communication services – Internet access, e-mail exchange, client-server applications, telephony, video, etc. UHP terminals may operate in classical “hub and spoke” topology or in meshed connectivity ensuring a single satellite hop when transmitting data in-between the network terminals.



Romantis TDM/TDMA Satellite TerminalUHP Terminal requires no local management and is fully managed by the Hub. The network terminal receives TDM channel from the Hub and routes the data to respective users on its LAN port. The terminal transmits data back to the Hub as time bursts via shared TDMA channel. Low-cost UHP hardware in conjunction with highly efficient bandwidth utilization ensures the markets best cost of the network ownership, regardless of its size and purpose. A wide variety of software-activated features and modes of operation guarantees that the network always fits any user’s demands.
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  • Higher processing capability – 10 time higher than competitive systems
  • Bandwidth saving due to Mesh capability;
  • Higher TDMA efficiency with at least 10% advantage on competitors;
  • Easier and faster switching between TDMA and SCPC modes;
  • Faster start-up – just seconds instead of minutes of competitive systems;
  • Smaller size, lower power consumption, much more robust design;
UHP SCPC Earth Station
UHP-1000 Universal Router
UHP-100 Router
UHP-200 Router