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Romantis Satellite Network Management System

The UHP network management system (UHP NMS) is an advanced user-friendly instrument for controlling and monitoring of satellite communication networks based on the UHP platform. NMS substantially simplifies configuration of Hub and network Terminals, as well as in the simple and evident form provides information about current and historical conditions of the whole network and its individual elements. UHP NMS distributes configuration to devices, collects and stores statistics into database, analyzes network state and provides network operators with detailed information in graphical and tabular form. With support of any network topologies and various modes of UHP operations the Network Management System allows providing professional network operations and increase overall customer satisfaction.


NMS application software is shipped pre-installed on Linux server. The NMS server is usually co-located to the UHP Hub, but can also perform control and monitoring of remote hubs through leased IP connection or the Internet. UHP NMS provides multi-user and multi-language web interface and supports multiple Virtual Network Operators sharing common network resources with proper user rights and network resources allocation.


UHP NMS consists of three basic components: the system core, the web-based user interface and the configuration/statistics database. The core communicates with the UHP equipment analyzing its behavior and collecting statistics. The database holds this information for specified number of time, usually several years. Configurations are held in MySQL database, and statistics are held in binary form which is more efficient and fast to access. Binary format is open for external access or export. The web interface shows all collected information in graphical form and provides mechanisms for configuration of the network equipment.


Advantages Downloads
  • Enhanced Graphical Interface – web-based, multi-user, multi-language;
  • Comprehensive dashboard – complete network overview just on one screen;
  • Customized reports – graphical and tabular forms, export network statistics for further analysis;
  • Events correlator – combines parameter graphs with related network events and faults;
  • Dynamic Events Station Groups – simplify filtering and analysis of network events.
UHP Network Management System