UHP Networks UHP SCPC and SCPC DAMA Network

The UHP Networks UHP satellite router is a universal VSAT platform supporting all popular modes of operations. One of such modes is SCPC – a dedicated channel mode, when two or more Earth Stations interact with each other via fixed dedicated satellite bandwidth with a guaranteed physical level capacity. The throughput of the channel in every direction is independent, allowing it to implement any asymmetry. SCPC channel can also be used to broadcast information to an unlimited number of recipients.

UHP SCPC technology supports DVB-S and DVB-S2 ACM industry standard modulation and coding, providing highly efficient satellite capacity utilization. Built-in IP router simplifies IP networking and allows transporting various data with different QoS in a single channel. Intelligent Transmit Level Control (TLC) in combination with Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) ensures unprecedented service availability regardless of weather conditions.



SCPC DAMA mode allows creation of star-topology MCPC/SCPC networks with dynamic carrier allocation on schedule or on demand. Central station in such a network broadcasts a MCPC carrier received by all the remote stations. Central station assigns stations for a certain period of time to one of the remotes, an SCPC carrier, with specified bandwidth and level. Such a solution is well-suited for applications like DSNG, video-conferencing, business continuity, and others. UHP-based SCPC is a low-cost solution, which can be easily upgraded by entering a software license key to a more advanced mode of UHP operation such as TDM/TDMA. The unique scalability ensures that the network configuration and performance follow evolution of the customer’s demand.


Adaptive SCPC Channels

Automatic Transmission Level Control and Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) functions ensure unprecedented service availability regardless of weather conditions.


Hot-Standby Redundancy

UHP routers support automatic 1:1 hot-standby redundancy option without any external controllers. The standby router constantly monitors performance of the basic set, and if there is any anomaly in its work, performs automatic switching of roles, taking on the function of the main unit.


Advantages Downloads
  • High throughput;
  • Wider range of networking options, L2 bridge support;
  • Much lower purchasing price,
    up to 4 times lower than competitors;
  • AUPC and SCPC ACM;
  • 1:1 Automatic Redundancy;
  • Support of SCPC DAMA and hybrid SCPC/TDMA networks;
UHP SCPC Earth Station
UHP-1000 Universal Router
UHP-100 Router
UHP-200 Router