UHP Networks Hubless TDMA Satellite Network

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UHP Hubless is a VSAT technology providing single hop connectivity between all the sites. Hubless network comprises terminals interacting via shared TDMA channel. The Station makes use of the TDMA channel to receive and transmit information, ensuring dynamic resource distribution among both the stations and transmission routes. Hubless network ensures the best bandwidth on demand distribution, using the same satellite capacity for all the terminals and all the directions of transmission. UHP Hubless Network supports any topologies and seamlessly connects all the sites, using IP protocol and built-in IP router. It is the most powerful product on the market in terms of throughput, flexibility and efficiency. The minimal network can be deployed just in 120 kHz of satellite capacity with ability for further expansion up to 10 Mbps per carrier.

Romantis Hubless TDMA Network Diagram

Hubless UHP-1000 terminal includes an integrated DVB-S2 demodulator which can be used to receive some additional broadband carrier from the same or another satellite, boosting some star-topology heavy-traffic applications like Internet access, IPTV streaming etc. With its low cost hardware and effective utilization of satellite capacity UHP Hubless technology is optimal solution for small-size networks of any topology and is above of any competition in networks with complicated topologies requiring Mesh connectivity. UHP Hubless is also a very efficient replacement for traditional SCPC networks, allowing to combine number of links within a single TDMA throughput with a proper QoS.


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  • Single-carrier operations with bandwidth-efficient LDPC coding;
  • Innovative TDMA protocol with proven efficiency of 96% vs SCPC channels;
  • Minimal BW requirement is just 160 kHz;
  • Ultra-low latency VSAT system with round-trip delay about 570 ms;
  • Up to 2040 terminals per network;
  • Support of any topologies;
  • 1:1 Automatic Redundancy solution.
UHP Hubless Network
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UHP-1000 Universal Router
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