Not looking at yourself from behind is perhaps the biggest mistake a business can make. I do it quite often, especially around the holidays. Here we are, it is Thanksgiving 2014. Unimaginable that it was 394 years ago the Mayflower’s English Settlers landed in Plymouth in search of religious freedom. Would those who made the voyage be proud of what America has become almost four centuries later?


Look how big we as America have become.


At the same time I look at how big we as a company have become. But as the saying goes…be careful what you wish for. Sometimes, the expectation on you to be bigger than anyone else in your sphere of endeavor can be damaging – it can destroy you. Some people are so driven by a need to be the biggest, the largest, that they forget where they came from. Not here. Every day we take stock of who we are and where we came from. Our passion is to unrelentlessly provide you with the best satellite communications experience you could ever have.


Which brings me back to why I started writing this particular post. I am especially thankful for the opportunities you have provided us to help you in shrinking the world and providing you communications services. I am thankful for all the talent that surrounds me. I am thankful for my team and what I believe is the greatest company in the world. I am thankful that you have kept us in business for 22 years. As for me personally, I am sincerely thankful to be here and serve you. I am thankful that I am an American.


So, Happy Thanksgiving America!



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