SAILOR 150 FleetBroadband System

A compact communications system designed for maritime broadband, the SAILOR 150 FleetBroadband will fit on almost any vessel.

SAILOR 500 FleetBroadband

Petite Fleet

The SAILOR 150 is lightweight, compact and easiest to install FleetBroadband system available weighing in at 3.9kg. This petite Fleet Broadband offers reliable, high quality global Internet and voice, opening a world of communication for boats up to vessels.

Reliable, high quality global internet and voice on any kind of boat or ship. Email, web browsing, even custom IP solutions; SAILOR 150 FleetBroadband opens up a world of communication.


Affordability and Quality

With the budget friendly rate and high quality single-user solution the Sailor is suited for business, operational or recreational applications.

Fulfill reporting requirements, diagnose faults or simply browse the web whilst passage making. SAILOR 150 FleetBroadband offers the flexibility, affordability and reliability to do it all.


Rugged Reliability

The premium design values and high quality build of SAILOR FleetBroadband solution are evident in the SAILOR 150 being structurally rugged, made specifically for use at sea.

Whether cruising the Caribbean, sailing global shipping routes or fishing offshore, you can experience the reliability and ease of use that high-end SAILOR systems offer in a small, affordable package.


Handset and Voice Excellence

The Thrane IP Handset offers excellent operation and call clarity, with an intuitive user interface, 2.2″ TFT color screen and state-of-the-art echo canceller and noise suppression.

Integrate our sophisticated handset with SAILOR 150 FleetBroadband for high quality global voice calling whilst simultaneously using the system’s data functionality, from anywhere in the world.

Sailor 150 FleetBroadband Technical Specifications

Property Value
Standard IP Up to 150 kbps
Streaming IP
Fax G3 fax via 3.1 kHz Audio
SMS (standard 3G) 160 characters
Standard Voice 4 kbps
Premium Voice 3.1 kHz Audio, 64 kbps
Multi-voice 4 voice lines simultaneously
Antenna Dimension 291.9 mm x Ă˜275.6 mm
Antenna Weight 3,94 kg

SAILOR 150 FleetBroadband Product Sheet

SAILOR 150 FleetBroadband Product Sheet

SAILOR 150 FleetBroadband is a compact system designed to open up the world of maritime broadband for almost any vessel.

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