Enjoy Seamless Experiences with Unparalleled Quality of Service (QoS)

Service is everything at Isotropic, which is why we went above and beyond in developing our award-winning and proprietary throughput intelligence platform that exceeds any other conventional Quality of Service (QoS) technology in the market. Powered by Isotropic’s Datadragon™, our QoS technology also gives you the ability to create Group QoS (GQoS) that allows for true end-user Service Level Agreements (SLAs).     

With Isotropic’s QoS, network operators have unparalleled bandwidth management capabilities to prioritize traffic in real time at the application level across entire single, multi-use and hybrid networks. Isotropic’s QoS enables you to easily manage user access based on bandwidth usage, and anticipate and troubleshoot problems in real time. Its Artificial Intelligence (AI) and analytics insights mean you can shape data usage and service plans to match actual customer needs.

With greater flexibility in traffic configuration and user access prioritization together with total network visibility and unprecedented control, you can consistently deliver improved service quality and seamless internet experiences that customers expect no matter where they are in the world.

Benefits of Isotropic’s QoS

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