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Oil & Gas can be an unforgiving industry. Even the smallest mistake can cost billions of dollars in losses, or even result in a tragic outcome. In such a tech-reliant market, the need for real-time data, always-on critical communications, and mitigation of malfunction and miscalculation is at its peak. At the same time, the industry must face added pressures brought on by fluctuating oil prices, disruptions in mobility markets and global crises.

As a way to overcome the challenges and achieve sustainable efficiency, productivity and safety gains, Oil & Gas companies are turning to connectivity solutions such as telemetry, the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). But these solutions are only as good as the services provider that enables them. At Isotropic, we provide the reliability, flexibility and scalability that we know you need. With nearly 30 years’ experience in critical communications, we provide global onshore and offshore operators with integrated high-performance satellite communications solutions for real-time business critical applications utilized by rigs, platforms, vessels, pipelines and corporate offices.

Supreme Networking Capabilities

As digitalization transforms your operations, your networks need to enable the data intelligence required to support remote operations and crew welfare in the most efficient and optimized way. You need total network control that gives you the ability to command throughput in real time and allocate bandwidth where and when it’s needed most. This is why we include next-level network management in Isotropic services as standard.  

With Datadragon™, our award-winning and proprietary throughput intelligence platform, you can monitor, analyze and command how bandwidth flow is being used in real time across the WAN at the application level, ensuring consistent, secure connectivity experiences. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and analytics are built in, providing real-time insights into data usage across your network, and enabling you to anticipate and troubleshoot problems. Need to enable Group Quality of Service (GQoS)? No problem. Datadragon allows multiple configurations and filtering to deliver an improved Quality of Experience (QoE).  

Unrivaled Data Integrity

Not only do you need unrivaled certainty, Isotropic’s promise that your communications will work the first time, all the time, every time, but you also need unrelenting network protection, too. We provide our own complete enterprise-grade cybersecurity solution with our integrated high-performance satellite communications services.  

Our proprietary technology Pendragon™ gives you unrivaled visibility into your network. Pendragon inventories all hardware and software on the network, while Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) controls traffic before it leaves the network. With Pendragon, you have complete control down to network users and their connected devices. It has enterprise-class Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) network access control built in to ensure that only those meant to use the network get in, while its next-generation firewall blocks and keeps malicious traffic out.

How Isotropic Does It Better

We offer a range of safety solutions and out-of-band management services in L band from Inmarsat and Iridium.

We provide industry leading, reliable and rugged VSAT solutions.

Always-on communications are what we’re all about. We provide ultra-reliable failover solutions for when fiber or other terrestrial services are down.

We know that boosting job satisfaction and morale is important, which is why we provide a comprehensive Netflix solution enabling entertainment and welfare to crews in the outmost locations. 

As leaders in no-strings-attached flexibility, we uniquely provide service plans that enable the scalability that you need. 

As a VSAT powerhouse, Isotropic provides the very best in both fixed and mobile solutions.

We offer end-to-end solutions, providing VSAT hardware, satellite connectivity, 24/7/365 technical support from our world-class Network Operations Center (NOC), field service technicians and VSAT training.    

Part of why we’re able to offer unprecedented flexibility is because Isotropic independently owns and operates multiple teleports. With no investors, we only answer to you, our valued clients.

Our highly skilled and experienced engineers can customize the most cost-efficient solutions for your exacting internet needs.

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