Wireless and VSAT Installations

Land Based Wireless and VSAT Installations

Isotropic Networks provides wireless and VSAT installations globally. From the Southern most tip of Chile, to the Northern reaches of Canada, Isotropic can provide installation for your wireless and VSAT communications projects.


Yachts, Ferry Wireless and VSAT Installations

Ship owners and captains turn to Isotropic Networks when they need maritime satellite communications for their vessels. The services offered by Isotropic often require installation of satellite antennas on the vessels. Isotropic Networks maritime installers are located around the world and are committed to high quality workmanship. Installations are done quickly and with as little impact to the vessel as possible.


Wireless and VSAT Installers

Rapid growth and emerging markets present great opportunities. Isotropic Networks has teamed with over 400 independent installers around the world and we are currently seeking experienced VSAT installers in other parts of our footprint to support the needs of our growing network of associates. If you are experienced in VSAT installation and services, willing to take additional training on the iDirect platform, and are a goal oriented professional, then you will have an incredible opportunity to grow with us. If interested, please contact us.