iDirect Satellite Routers and Modems

Isotropic Networks utilizes the latest in technology from iDirect Technologies to provide customers with the most reliable and stable satellite network possible. Our engineers have developed a highly optimized RF environment allowing us to utilize the iDirect Universal 3W BUC in most locations. VSAT configurations range from the standard 1.2m dishes with 3 Watt BUC’s on up. Hardware requirements are based upon location and satellite. Call today for assistance in determining the most cost effective, fully functional VSAT available in your locations.


The full product line of iDirect satellite routers are supported on Isotropic’s networks. If you have your own iDirect modem or need to acquire one, Isotropic can provide you with the best satellite internet experience.


Evolution X1 Outdoor Satellite Router

Cost effective remote ideal for extreme weather conditions. With a temperature range from -40 to +60 degrees C, the X1 Outdoor satellite router is perfect for sensor applications. The remote features DVB-S2/ACM and TDMA, basic routing, VLAN functionality and QoS and is embedded in an IP67 weatherproof enclosure.


Evolution X7 Satellite Router

Built on an entirely new multi-core hardware system, the X7 is able to reach 100 Mbps of combined outbound and inbound throughput providing the performance required for IP TV, distance learning, HD broadcast, digital signage and video applications.