iDirect VNO – Virtual Network Operator

A great option to purchasing your own VSAT hub is the iDirect VNO solution hosted at Isotropic Networks. This highly scalable option gives you full control of the networking and quality of service of the satellite Internet network without the concern for the underlying RF infrastructure at the teleport. This will allow you to concentrate on your customers and their applications to provide them with the best networking experience possible.


Isotropic Network’s iDirect Virtual Network Operator (VNO) solutions provide resellers with a powerful tool for the management and control of their client base. This includes visibility of real-time statistics, control of remote site configurations such as QoS and Filtering, and the ability to create Group QoS Profiles that allow for true end-user Service Level Agreements (SLA). Everything you need to become an iDirect Network Operator, except the expense of deploying a full scale iDirect hub and Teleport solution. This solution allows you to become a Virtual Satellite ISP with all of the control and benefits of operating out of a world class teleport, at a lower initial cost.


VT iDirect 15000 Satellite Hub

Companies who have an obsolete VSAT platform, like the Viasat Linkstar, can migrate their customers to a state-of-the-art VSAT system without a large capital outlay. Moving to a teleport with an existing iDirect Hub Infrastructure in place and using the iDirect VNO will give these satellite network operators the ability to manage their network and customers as before without the large capital outlay of purchasing an entire new Satellite Hub System. Isotropic is a premier iDirect Host Network Operator (HNO) who can design your network for you, optimize the RF infrastructure, provide the bandwidth for your requirements, and provide 3-tier 24x7x365 NOC support.


Isotropic offers three levels of iDirect VNO Services.

Companies requirements vary based on the number of clients they have on their VSAT network, therefore Isotropic has made available all three iDirect VNO/CNO options.

  • iDirect VNO (Hardware Option) – Comes with everything you need to build your own, private iDirect network.
  • iDirect VNO SW (Software Option) – This is a software only VNO reducing the initial capital outlay.
  • iDirect CNO – A view only option that gives you a private network or the option to see just your remote sites on a shared network.

iDirect VNO - Virtual Network Operator

iDirect VNO (Hardware Option)

The Hardware based iDirect VNO offers all the opportunity of the VSAT industry without the capital outlay required to deploy a wholly-owned and separate teleport infrastructure.


This service creates a separate network on top of the HUB Network Operator’s (HNO) assets with a completely independent data path, upgrade autonomy and the highest level of scalability. The VNO Package includes:

  • Independent and fully owned iDirect Network Management System (NMS) (with optional active redundancy)
  • Independent and fully owned iDirect Protocol Processor (PP) (with optional active redundancy)
  • HUB Line Card (XLC-11)
  • Software License for 1 VNO

The Hardware VNO starts with a single HUB Line Card (HLC), but can quickly scale into larger networks by adding additional HLCs and Protocol Processors.


This VNO model allows new operators to develop niche opportunities worldwide, providing them with the scalability, increased security, autonomy, independent software upgrade path, and state of the art network management tools to deliver the applications and services customers require.


iDirect VNO (Software Option)

The VNO License offers cost effective access to opportunities in the VSAT industry without assuming up-front capital outlays. This service allows the VNO to deploy a logically separate network on top of the HNO’s assets.


This option enables multiple small to medium size VNOs to run on the same hardware infrastructure (wholly owned by the HNO) with a logically independent data path. Each VNO License includes a single software license for one virtual network operator on a single NMS.


As VNO networks experience greater network demand, they can migrate to a Hardware VNO with a simple hardware upgrade. The VNO License allows new operators to develop niche opportunities regionally, while providing them with interim scalability, a medium level of autonomy, and state of the art network management tools, security and functionality to deliver the applications customers demand.


iDirect CNO

The iDirect CNO (Customer Network Observer) option represents a monitor-only solution for customers who would like to see the satellite and network health of their VSATs, but do not want to take on the responsibility to directly configure and manage their remote sites. With the CNO option, you have the ability to monitor your specific set of remotes/clients including real-time utilization statistics and remote site status.


Isotropic Networks provides all the regular functions of providing service to your end customer including configurations, commissioning and troubleshooting. When the Reseller wishes to control functionality of the client base, the migration path to a VNO License of hardware VNO is available.


Isotropic Networks Teleport iDirect VNO Package Includes:

  • Network Design Services – iDirect’s Network Planning Tool (iNPT)
  • Use of Isotropic Teleport Facilities and Satellite Antennas
  • Choice of 5 satellite footprints
  • UPS Backup
  • Back-Up Power Generators
  • Dual Redundant Internet Backbone (with full diverse routing)
  • Uplink Power Management
  • VNOs have access to remote Spectrum Analyzer for all feeds, both polarities
  • 24/7/365 Tier 2 service (NOC to NOC) from our world class Network Operations Center

Isotropic’s Monthly Service Fees include:

  • Teleport Services Fee (Per Mbps)
  • Space Segment (Per Mbps)
  • Backbone Fee (Per Mbps)
  • Co-Location Fee (Per RU for Reseller owned hardware)
  • HUB Slot Rental (Per Slot or Slot group)
  • HUB Line Card Rental (VNO License Only)
  • HUB NMS/PP Rental (VNO License Only)

Additional Costs (that may apply):

  • Commissioning Fee (one-time per site)
  • Remote Site Hardware