iDirect 5IF 20-Slot Hub (Series 15000)

The iDirect Series 15000 (better known as the iDirect 5IF) is the work horse and foundation of the Isotropic satellite internet service. Isotropic has a mult-chassis implementation of the iDirect 5IF hub servicing clients large and small. Multiple Virtual Network Operators (VNOs) operate from our hub located in Lake Geneva, WI. Due to the outstanding transmission characteristics, 24x7x365 manned Network Operations Center (NOC), and knowledgeable iDirect staff, several network operators have chosen Isotropic to host and manage their hubs for them.


VT iDirect 5IF 15000 Satellite Hub

Utilizing the latest software from iDirect, iDx 3.2.2.x, Isotropic has created an satellite internet service that is efficient, reliable, and robust. These efficiencies give our customers the best throughput possible for the money. Reliability is critical when VSAT Satellite Internet is provided because usually there is no other way to communicate. Weather resilience or robustness, is a key achievement of the Isotropic Satellite Internet Service. Both ships at sea or emergency responders in a storm can rely on the Isotropic iDirect VSAT network to provide consistent and reliable satellite Internet access.


The Series 15000 Universal Satellite Hub is a carrier-class 11U, 19″ rack mountable chassis, supporting multiple networks on up to 20 line cards each with maximum data rates up to 20 Mbps (iNFINITIĀ® TDM) and 138 Mbps (DVB-S2) on the outbound and up to 10.8 Mbps Adaptive TDMA (A-TDMA) on the inbound.


Smart Design With Great Scalability

The chassis houses up to 20 line cards, providing a very modular approach to growth. Operators can start off with just a few remotes in one network and easily scale to several thousand remotes on multiple networks. Equipped with 5IF interfaces accessing Ku, C-or Ka-Band on up to 5 satellites, the Series 15000 brings a new level of scalability designed for growth and performance.


Maximum Flexibility

The Series 15000 Universal Satellite Hub is highly flexible, supporting the entire array of topologies and access schemes including star, mesh, iSCPC, deterministic MF-TDMA and iNFINITI TDM or DVB-S2/ACM, all in the same chassis. Bandwidth can be increased on the fly via additional line cards from 64 kbps to 138 Mbps on the outbound and 64 kbps to 10 Mbps on the inbound. With iDirect’s most advanced, built-in Group QoS functionality, network operators can increase quality of service levels, bandwidth optimization, and traffic prioritization for complete flexibility when managing the end-customers SLA’s.


Greater Efficiencies Through Bandwidth Optimization

The advantage of DVB-S2/ACM as the most bandwidth efficient transmission scheme, coupled with the ability to deploy iNFINITI TDM for smaller networks makes the Series 15000 Universal Satellite Hub fundamentally more efficient for any network requirement whether voice, data and video applications, business continuity networks, cellular backhauling or military-grade communications.


High Reliability

The Series 15000 Universal Satellite Hub provides high availability by integrating redundancy into all the critical components of the chassis, including auto switchover, timing group synchronization and fault isolation for geographic redundancy, and hub daisy chaining for easy network expansion.




iDirect 5IF (Series 15000) Satellite Hub Specification Sheet