iDirect Satellite Hubs for VSAT Broadband Internet

The iDirect 15000 Satellite Hub sits at the core of Isotropic’s broadband satellite network infrastructure. iDirect’s advanced Group Quality of Service (GQoS) allows Isotropic to provide services from narrowband SCADA data to streaming video for iTunes and Netflix. Isotropics’s multi-chassis hub supports services to 5 different satellites providing broadband satellite services to North America, South America, Europe, and Africa.


As a Certified iDirect Hub Reseller, Isotropic is fully qualified to design and implement solutions based on iDirect’s hub technologies. Additionally, iDirect is CHIP (Certified Hub Installation Professional) certified meaning we are explicitly authorized by iDirect to design and install hub solutions for enterprise private VSAT networks.


iDirect satellite hubs allow broadband service over satellite that matches the quality and performance of broadband terrestrial networks. The modular design and flexibility allow customers to operate a shared bandwidth platform spanning multiple satellites, multiple bands and multiple transponders while supporting multiple topologies simultaneously including mesh, star, SCPC and hybrid networks.

idirect-hub-15000 - VSAT broadband

iDirect 20-Slot Hub Series 15000

The Series 15000 is an ideal satellite hub for service providers operating multiple high performance IP broadband networks. The hub combines functionality and flexibility into a scalable solution, enabling network operators and service providers to operate from a single location the highest quality networks.


iDirect VNO VSAT Hub Alternative

Not ready to take on the commitment of space segment and hardware? The iDirect VNO is an ideal alternative to making a large investment. Call Isotropic to learn about the variety of VSAT private network options that are available.