Lynn and I just returned from the 2015 Cobham SATCOM Americas Partner Conference in Newport, RI. It was so refreshing to hear frank, open discussion about strategy and tactics within the industry. The Cobham team did a wonderful job communicating their intentions. We have a lot of confidence in working together toward a successful future, as we know how committed they are to their products and craft.


A special shout-out is due to Heather Schueler from the Cobham team. All too often these outstanding performances go unrecognized and unsaid. Heather has been an ambassador for Cobham SATCOM since day one, but continues to impress  us by her ability to spread the word to large audiences with integrity. We at Isotropic Networks are proud to be associated with Cobham SATCOM and had a great time. Check out our photos below of some of the event!





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