Ultra-Portable BGAN

The Cobham EXPLORER portable BGAN system is ideal for broadcasting and other IP-based applications. If you need high data rate streaming then the EXPLORER 710 BGAN terminal is comparable with Inmarsat’s High Data Rate streaming service. The ultra-portable EXPLORER terminals are built to withstand extreme conditions like humidity, dust and rain for stable, reliable connectivity. Regardless of the EXPLORER terminal chosen for your application you get high reliability from an incredibly easy to set up portable solution. When you need access to email, web browsing, VPN, streaming video and audio, file transfer and IP applications, turn to the EXPLORER line of BGAN terminals from Cobham with service form Inmarsat, delivered by Isotropic Networks.


The EXPLORER 300 BGAN Terminal is the size of a netbook and weighs less than 1.4kg. It provides Internet connectivity and voice calling wherever you are in the world. The small sizes makes it the ideal companion for business and adventure travellers. Whether visiting a remote pipeline or trekking through the jungle, the EXPLORER 300 won’t weigh you down.

EXPLORER 500 ultra-portable BGAN

When more performance is required, the EXPLORER 500 BGAN Terminal offers the performance you need to carry out advanced work in the field. With up to 464 Kbps, high quality voice and broadband Internet speeds are possible. Interfaces include LAN, USB, Bluetooth, and phone/fax, while still being incredibly simple to deploy.

EXPLORER-700-BGANWith download and upload speeds up to 492 Kbps, the EXPLORER 700 is one of the fastest BGAN Terminals. Additionally it supports Inmarsat’s BGAN X-Stream on-demand streaming service at +384 kbps. Transfer large files and stream high qualify video and audio with the EXPLORER 700 BGAN Terminal, again anywhere in the world!


When ultimate performance is needed, the EXPLORER 710 BGAN Terminal is the solution of choice. Providing streaming rates over 650 kbps, the EXPLORER 710 BGAN Terminal bridges the gap between BGAN and VSAT performance. Guaranteed QoS enhances the high-speed capabilities of the 710 BGAN Terminal, making it ideal for demanding remote applications.