Cobham Land Mobile Satcom Systems

Thrane & Thrane has become a leading product engineering division¬†of Cobham known as the Land Mobile Satcom Systems. Thrane & Thrane’s line of leading mobile satcom products have been combined with Tractstar Systems¬†robust and well respected products to create a single line of the best of the best products.


The EXPLORER family of Portable Satcom Systems and Vehicle Satcom Terminals allow anyone, anywhere to talk, email, transfer data, take part in a videoconference, and use cloud based applications. Set-up is designed to be extremely simple so that even the least technical person can be online and working within a few minutes of arriving at their destination. Free from terrestrial or GSM/LTE infrastructure you can communicate from the remote regions of Africa, the jungles of South America or the glaciers of The Artic almost as easily as using a smartphone in the city.


The Cobham SATCOM EXPLORER range of Vehicle Satcom Terminals covers BGAN, Fly-Away, and Drive-Away broadband VSAT systems. These systems serve a diverse range of users from military and law-enforcement to media and humanitarian organizations with high-speed internet on-the-move and they are at extremely remote sites.

explorer-710-BGAN - Cobham land mobile SATCOM

Ultra-Portable BGAN

When you need lightweight, compact, quick-deploy, reliable and fast communication in remote areas, turn to EXPLORER for all your voice and data needs. These high-speed, ultra-portable satellite solutions are cost effective means for communicating when there are no other options. Utilize for your streaming broadcasting and other IP-based applications when you must have real-time communications.