C-COM iNetVu® FMA-120 Fixed Motorized VSAT Antenna

The iNetVu® 120 Fixed Motorized Antenna system is a self-pointing auto-acquire unit that can be mounted either as a permanent installation or on a portable fixed base. The antenna works seamlessly with the iNetVu® 7024C Controller to provide an easy to deploy solution. Ideal for situations where you will be moving your VSAT often such as in oil drilling and fracking rigs. No need to depend on installers to come out and repoint your antenna, just push a button and start your satellite communications.


C-Com InetVu FMA-120 Fixed Motorized VSAT

iNetVu® FMA-120 Fixed Motorized VSAT Antenna

  • 1.2m Off set, prime focus, thermoset-molded reflector
  • Designed to work with the iNetVu® 7024C controller
  • Works seamlessly with the world’s most popular commercially available satellite modems
  • 3 Axis motorization
  • Supports manual control when required
  • It is a cost effective solution for multi-satellite communication at any location
  • One button, auto-pointing controller acquires any
  • Ku-band satellite within 2 minutes
  • Locates satellites using the most advanced satellite acquisition methods
  • Eliminates costly repointing and network downtime due  to adverse weather conditions or areas where ground shifts occur (earthquakes, landslides, mine blast zones, etc…
  • Can be easily relocated when mounted on a semi-permanent platform without the need for any specialized equipment
  • Any compatible fixed installation can be easily converted and upgraded to a fully motorized system
  • Supports Prodelin 1.2m antenna, Model 1132 / 1134
  • System designed for relatively large BUCs, 9 kg (Max.) weight for RF electronics (BUC and LNB)
  • 1 year warranty

The FMA-120 system is easily configured to provide instant access to satellite communications for any application that requires reliable and/or remote connectivity in a rugged environment. Ideally suited for industries such as Oil & Gas Exploration, Mining, Disaster Management, Construction, Mobile Offices, Emergency Services, Cellular Backhaul and many others.



FMA-120 Fixed Motorized VSAT Antenna