C-COM iNetVu FLY1201 1.2M Fly-Away Satellite Internet Antenna

This compact portable fully motorized tripod based platform is complete with aluminum cases for easy transportation and can be set up and made operational in less than 15 minutes. It automatically locates the satellite without any manual intervention.


C-COM iNetVu FLY1201 1.2M Fly-Away Highlights

  • One Button Auto-Pointing Controller
  • 3 Axis Motorization
  • Supports Manual Control
  • Airline Checkable
  • Captive Hardware/Fasteners
  • No Tools Required for Assembly/Disassembly
  • Setup Time Less than 15 Minutes, One Person
  • Leveling capability for Uneven Surfaces
  • 2 Pieces Dual Skin Metal Reflector
  • Supports Ku Band

C-COM Inetvu FLY1201


C-COM iNetVu FLY1201 1.2M Fly-Away


Download C-COM iNetVu FLY1201 1.2m Fly-Away Specification Sheet



Rx and Tx Cables 2 RG6 cables (10m each)
Control Cables 10m Ext. Cable(standard), up to 75 m available(Optional)
Operating temperature -30° C to +55° C (-22° – 131° F)
Survival temperature -40° C to +65° C (-40° – 149° F)
Rain 1.3 cm/h
Wind Load Operational 40 km/hr (No Ballast or Anchors)
72 km/hr (With Ballast or Anchors)
Wind Load Survival 145 km/hr (With Ballast or Anchors)
Solar Radiation 360 BTU/h/sq. ft


Reflector 1.2 m Offset Feed
Mount Geometry Elevation over Azimuth
F/D Ratio 0.635
Offset Angle 22°
Antenna OPtics Single Offset