C-COM iNetVu® 3000C Hand-Held Controller

The iNetVu® 3000C Hand-Held Controller gives you the freedom of operating your iNetVu® Mobile Platform without the need to connect to your PC or iNetVu® Controller.
C-COM iNetVu 3000C hand-held controller


  • Jog control on 3 axis
  • Compatible with all iNetVu® Mobile Platforms
  • Ability to raise, stow, and move the iNetVu® Mobile Platform during demos, installations, trouble-shooting etc.
  • Compact, ergonomic case design
  • LCD display for operation and limits status
  • 10-speed operation
  • Directly attachable to any 12VDC power supply
  • Enhanced operation with feedback control

The new iNetVu® 3000C hand-held manual controller has the same look and feel as a video game controller. It allows you to operate the platform without having the auto-pointing controller or PC attached to it. In addition, this controller makes it possible to operate the iNetVu® mobile antenna at variable speeds
A useful tool for conducting demonstrations, installations, testing or for emergency backup situations.


C-COM iNetVu® 3000C Handheld VSAT Controller Specification Sheet
C-COM iNetVu® 3000C Handheld VSAT Controller Manual

Model 3000 Hand Held Controller

Power Input 12 VDC @ 15Amp max.
Motor 9 pin, 15 ft cable.
Sensor DB-26, 15 ft sensor cable.
Operating temperature -20° C to +60° C
Storage temperature -40° C to +70° C
Standard RoHS compliant
Dimensions W 7 in x D2in x H5 in.
Weight 500 gm
Standard Warrenty 2 years