C-COM iNetVu® 1500 Carbon Fiber Satellite Internet Antenna

The iNetVu® 1500 Carbon Fibre is a new addition to the iNetVu® family. Good size and extremely light weight for smaller vehicles, it operates on Ku or C-Band. The light carbon fibre reflector works with all supported modems worldwide.

C-Com 1500 Carbon Fiber Antenna - satellite broadband internet


Model 1500 Carbon Fibre Antenna Specifications


Download C-Com iNetVu® 1500 Drive-Away 1.5M Antenna
Download C-Com iNetVu® 1500 Carbon Fiber Antenna Manual


Rx and Tx Cables 2 RG6 cables (10m each)
Control Cables 10m Ext. Cable(standard), up to 75 m available(Optional)
Wind Deployed 70 mph (112 km/h)
Wind Stowed 140 mph (225 km/h)
Temperature -40° F to 150° F (-40°C to 65°C)
Rain 4 in/h (10 cm/h) Operational
6 in/h (15 cm/h) Survival
Relative Humidity 0 – 100%
Solar Radiation 360 btu/h/ft² (1000 Kcal/h/m²
Radial Ice(survival) 1 in (25.4 mm)
Corrosive Atmoshpere As encountered in coastal and/ or industrial areas


Reflector 1.5 m Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer
Mount Geometry Elevation over Azimuth
Deployment Sensors GPS antenna
Compass ± 2°
Tilt sensor ± 0.2°
Reflector Configuration Parabolic Single Offset, 0.78 F/D (16.9° offset)