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World’s VSAT Broadband Communications and Topography

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In a move recognizing the growing demand for enhanced data applications in the commercial shipping industry, the world’s largest  independent ship manager serving a fleet of over 1,000 vessels, has…

Mini VSAT Technology in Broadband Connectivity

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Crews aboard maritime research support vessels have a difficult job – providing security and mission management services to their fleets in waters around the globe. To make that job a…

Satellite Costs of Rural Internet Options

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Living in the country has its benefits, lower cost per acre, fewer regulations and more freedom. But with those benefits comes a distinct disadvantage, slow or no rural internet options….

The Research of Mini VSAT Technology Improvements

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Mini VSAT technologies will allow real-time seismic surveys, higher redundancy and seamless communications from offshore vessels.   Increasing bandwidth capacity and falling rates will allow real-time seismic surveys and video…