About Us


For 30 years, we’ve been driven by an entrepreneurial mindset.

We embrace critical questioning and exploration. We relentlessly pursue constant improvement. We develop the products and services that have pushed the satellite industry forward since the earliest days of the internet.

It’s our entrepreneurial spirit that makes us the first and best choice for your needs. We see working with you as an opportunity to understand you and your unique personal and business needs today and into the future. With that knowledge, we’re able to provide the customized solutions and services needed to generate greater efficiencies, increase productivity, and expand your revenue streams.

We’ve uniquely built quadruple redundancy into our internet access, leveraging satellite, terrestrial, and wireless technologies as we drive toward our vision of a connected planet through converged single and hybrid networks. And if the solutions to your challenges don’t exist, we’ll create them. We take on the communications challenges other companies can’t or won’t.

If you look to the bleeding edge of innovation in satellite communications, you’ll see us going beyond – pushing the boundaries of connectivity and working to bring you the next evolution of advanced solutions.

Our vision of a connected planet