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We’ve all been in that situation where our Internet speed suddenly slows down while we’re in the middle of an important Zoom meeting. The audio and video turn glitchy and you basically miss the crucial parts of the meeting. The reason for this is that multiple people are using your Internet bandwidth at the same time. Perhaps some of them are watching YouTube, streaming Netflix or maybe even downloading a movie. If you work at an office, you know this is true.

So, in this article, we will teach and empower you how to have full control of your Internet speed through bandwidth management software.

But first, let’s talk about bandwidth!

Bandwidth is the maximum amount of data that an Internet network, device, or application can transfer from one to the other. If the bandwidth is higher, the network will be strong and the Internet connection will be faster. Let’s think of this like cup sizes. If you order a 20 oz. coffee, you can drink more of it rather than ordering a 10 oz. drink where there’s obviously less coffee in it.

Now let’s find out why bandwidth management is important…

Let’s take the coffee example again. Remember that not everyone is required to drink from a 20 oz. cup, a 10 oz. one may suffice. Take for example a small business office, which doesn’t need to have a very high bandwidth because perhaps only 2-3 people are using the office. So in an office or corporate setting, it’s definitely the number of users and the type of activity that will dictate how much bandwidth is needed and what kind of bandwidth management software to use.

Opt for AI and built-in analytics

AI or artificial intelligence for your bandwidth management is the best choice. This allows you to learn usage patterns of all your office users and then be able to deliver access to Internet data based on the bandwidth available to your office. In fact, even data from terrestrial and satellite-based platforms can be delivered straight to your users.

Choose an application with optimized access

This allows you to be in control of your office’s data access. You can customize user control and even allow them to only have a certain allocated bandwidth at a specific period. This allows you to personalize the needs of your office according to their tasks and deliverables. For example, higher management is given higher bandwidth to make way for Zoom calls and video sessions while middle management or lower tier employees are given lower bandwidth so that they won’t be able to stream Netflix shows during office time.

The best feature of a bandwidth management software is that it significantly lessens congestion on your network. Now you won’t have to worry about users fighting over Internet speed because they’re using the Internet simultaneously and using different kinds of applications and streaming services. Through bandwidth management, users and devices can only consume what is allocated to them.

This is the smart choice, whether it’s for a business, a home, or a corporate office setting. We offer dynamic experience, efficient connectivity, and endless opportunities that promise you absolutely “more”. Contact Isotropic Networks today to learn more about the different solutions we offer, both nationally and globally, and how our bandwidth management software can improve your work and productivity!