Lynn and I just returned from a special dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants, 1776.


Just like us, they are a family operated business started in 1990 by Andy and Terrie Andresky. It was a most refreshing and patriotic dining experience featuring four courses of a menu inspired by one of our Founding Fathers and President, Thomas Jefferson. Not only was the majority of food locally sourced, it featured incredible Jefferson food history.


Did you know?


Thomas Jefferson was the first American to introduce macaroni and cheese.

Declaration of Independence

He also introduced waffles and vanilla ice cream.


He gave pecan trees to George Washington that still stand at Mount Vernon.


He grew over 25 varieties of peas at Monticello.


He was one of the first persons on record to grow tomatoes in America.


Jefferson cultivated an apple tree variety called Spitzenburger.


He introduced jambalaya and gumbo to the White House.


He had arguably the largest wine cellar in America.


But more important than all this, the Fourth of July is a celebration of the Declaration of Independence and you know how proud I am to be an American. So tonight, when I hit my knees I will say a special prayer to God thanking our forefathers who wrote it, and all those who defend it.


That’s right, I mentioned God, and I pray. Judge me if you must.


Happy Fourth to everyone and freedom to all!




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