What good is drone video
if the only one that can
see it is the pilot?

Now, thanks to Tacdragon by Isotropic Networks, your emergency response UAS program can share live, streaming drone video directly to all your personnel in the field, using a secure virtual private network.

Private and dedicated means you aren’t competing with other users nor limited by cell phone tower technology and limited bandwidth. The end result is high quality, low latency video capable of being viewed by your entire team simultaneously.

How can Tacdragon help your emergency response team?

Instant coordination

Everyone sees the same thing so everyone’s on the same page.

Better vision

Consistently high upload and download speeds means the video is always crystal clear.

Greater security

Using bank-level encryption, your video feeds are protected from unauthorized eyes.

Applications for Tacdragon by Isotropic Networks

Law enforcement aerial surveillance

Coordinated emergency response
(police, fire, medical, military)

Missing persons search

Concert venue promotion and festival crowd management

Television and film industry shoots

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Ryan Zbierski
Director Mission Assurance

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